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The opinions of our community are important to us. Here are some of the things past participants have said about our wellness programs.

Massage Therapy (1 hour appointment)

Farris Ajalat

Excellent!! The experience was professional and comfortable and the results were easy to feel. I would highly recommend this therapy to others. My therapist was relaxed and professional and addressed my needs before the session began and also during the treatment. He also discussed the treatment with me in a gentle and informative way. I have been so pleased with programs at the Center for Wellness that I list it as one of the major benefits of working at Harvard. I have taken advantage of your programs for the last 5 years and feel that they are an important part of living and working in the university environment.
- Female, Harvard Staff, Participant for 4 - 5 years

Sharon Woodbine

I like going to Sharon because she combines great massage skills with insight, compassion, and humor.  Her modalities include deep tissue massage, energy healing, and craniosacral therapy, and she uses one or several depending on my need for that day.  I always feel safe and respected, and the session feels complete.  I leave, sometimes permanently relieved of a symptom, always feeling more integrated and whole.  After my session, when I look in the mirror, I see beauty in my face the way it's supposed to be without all the tension!  I'm grateful for the healing and wisdom Sharon brings to her work. 

Kara Donohoe

I've been getting massages fairly regularly over the past forty years.  These have ranged from students (generally awful) to very expensive practitioners charging well over $100 for 50 minutes of mediocre massage.  Then I tried Kara and have been a very happy client ever since.  Kara's demeanor is the first thing you feel.  She is calm, in control, and very professional.  "What do you want and need?” she asks.  We come up with a plan for the session and she gets to work.  She's willing to talk if I'm in the mood or will let me stay quiet or listen to music.  It's all about my comfort and needs. 

Her knowledge of the body and how to use massage as therapy is excellent.  I've had everything from a torn rotator cuff, stiff neck and sciatica pain which she has approached differently and with great results.  I leave our sessions feeling well taken care of, happy, nurtured and much improved. 

Meditation (class)

Begabati Lennihan

I began to practice meditation every morning after this class. I found that my life is going to a higher level. The instructor is very patient and warm-hearted. Thank you so much!
- Female, Harvard Faculty, First Time Participant

This class helped me to practice calming myself. The instructor used a variety of meditation techniques so we could all choose which worked best for us. They're great!
- Female, Harvard Graduate Student, First Time Participant

imPerfect Pilates (class)

M.J. Kenny

This was an excellent class to strengthen muscles to support the back. The instructor is a fabulous teacher! She provides individualized help in a group setting. This was a great opportunity!
- Female, Harvard Staff, Participant for 3 - 4 years

Simply Yoga (class)

Deborah Cohen

Taking this class has improved my stress management. This is a great class - I have never taken yoga before, and have found this class challenging yet accessible. Taking this class has increased my strength and flexibility, and helped with stress reduction. The instructor works with each student to ensure proper form, and is a very skilled and knowledgeable.
- Female, Harvard Staff, First Time Participant

The instructor is fabulous! She is very conscientious as an instructor and pays close attention to individual needs throughout the session. She pays close attention to whether I'm using proper form; always asks how life/work is going in order to evaluate how to direct the class most effectively. The Center for Wellness is great! There is a broad array of offerings, convenient time/location, reasonable pricing, strong instructors... we're all spoiled :)
- Female, Harvard Staff, Participant for 4 - 5 years

Yoga for Living Well (class)

John Schlorholtz

It is a very rewarding class! I get my weekly portion of joint movement, muscle relaxation, stretches, balances, and I also practice yoga at home, using whatever I learned during the weekly session. The instructor’s pace of exercising is very proper (at least for me), and I like the particular style of yoga he is practicing. We also get a lot of explanation, and last but not least, he has a good humor.
- Female, Harvard Staff, Participant for 5 - 10 years

John's curious, joyful approach to yoga makes his class a real pleasure.  His gentle, flowing style encouraged me to break out of my typical postures and explore new ways in which to move my body.  I feel that my circulation and flexibility have improved, and I am refreshed and relaxed after class.  I wanted to begin yoga to improve my health, but was wary of the strenuous postures and rapid pace that are typical of some yoga classes.  I feel very comfortable in John's class.  The pace is relaxed and the movements are effective without being overly demanding.  I'm so glad I discovered his class! 

Hatha Yoga (class)

Debbie Cohen

I always feel more relaxed and centered and calm at her words, even when not feeling that way before. It has helped flexibility and balance physically and even given a certain amount of strength. It even helps with psychological balance.

She finds the right level of intensity to be beneficial: not too easy, but also not too strenuous. She explains the moves very clearly, and demonstrates them and adjusts them for each individual, which is very helpful. She is very knowledgeable, steady, and has a calming presence that one feels one can trust.

Primary Benefits: Limitless, helps all my aches.

Relax and Renew Yoga (class)

Elizabeth Gudrais

I have tried many styles of yoga and find this class to be truly extraordinary.  It is a great workout, similar in that sense to Ashtanga or Vinyasa yoga, but the improvements I have seen in my concentration and flexibility surpass what I typically acheive by practicing those faster-paced styles.  Elizabeth's focus on exploring how small modifications to one posture impact the physical dynamics of the whole body cultivates her students' interest in the process of yoga--not just the resultant benefits.  I really appreciate Elizabeth's efforts to design interesting, purposeful classes.  She explains the goals of each session and the logic behind the posture sequences.  She is personable, articulate, and responsive to individuals' needs.  I have been taking this class for a year, and I always leave feeling newly inspired!



Karlo Berger

My therapist stands out from all of my previous therapists (which have been at least a half dozen) in 2 ways: (1) he finds the energy points on my back very accurately, (2) he changes his routine according to my needs, which center on my back, since I have chronic back pain. I think the Wellness Programs are providing a very useful service to the community.
-Female, Harvard Staff

[The Dynamic Movements] class was beneficial because it allowed me to move and stretch to release stress.
- Female, Harvard Staff, Participant for 1 - 2 years